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How it Works

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into a

After the user clicks on the “Sign-in to a location”, the list of location within 25 meters of a user's location will appear.

After Signing-up, the user will be taken to his/her Profile Page where he/she will have the option to either sign-in to a location or create an event.

The user can chat with anyone on the list of users at the same location.

After the user signs-in to a location, the user will be redirected to their profile page and a list of other users in the same location will appear

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& Joining an Event

After a user arrives at the Event's location. they should sign-in to their location. and then all the events at that location will appear.

Users can also create public or private events. Users do not need to be present at the place/country where they would like to create their event.

After signing into an event. The profile page will appear. The users will be able to see, who has joined the event and chat.

After joining an event, details of the event will be shown, and you can chat with the Event Organizer if you have questions prior to joining the event. Private events will require attendees to enter an access code.

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Event Reports


Get the Report!, the customized report, which will help leverage your data better, understand your attendees and improve the experience at every opportunity.

The Report Details include their demographics (age, gender, occupation, and education), nationality and residence, average and range of time spent, engagement information, and comparison analytics.

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